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What is the next step?

First you must decide what you see yourself doing with the information you have learned. There are really only three possible responses for people at this point.

The first is that people like our concepts - empowering Christians and ministries, and redirecting Christian dollars back into the Kingdom of Christ. After all, who wouldn't? But they do not see themselves building a business right now, regardless of how great the opportunity is. We invite them to shop at the online store of the individual who introduced them to this great concept. That way, they are still participating in our mission to recapture the buying power of the Christian community.

The second is those who need more information. If you have not done so yet, be sure to speak with our home office team. Here you will get additional information and have the opportunity to ask questions of our business leaders.

Number three is for you who are ready to go. You know that life is about decisions and choices, and you realize this one opens up huge doors for you. We are ready to invest ourselves in you, in your training, and in your future.

For you, the next step is to

call 602-903-5797,

 and let us get your store up and running.

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